OpRisk Awards

Hosted by Risk.net, these awards honour excellence in op risk management, regulation and risk management service provision.



OpRisk Awards 2020




Recognising excellence in operational risk management

The threats financial firms face as part of their daily business continue to morph in new and dangerous ways – ones that are often difficult to quantify, and which require constant vigilance to guard against. From JP Morgan to UBS, many chief risk officers tell Risk.net they spend a majority of their time thinking about the insidious effects of non-financial risk on their business.

These awards recognise firms who are thinking differently about op risk, are learning from past mistakes, and who see the function as an active shield against costly missteps and reputational damage, to protect themselves and their customers.

Past winners have been recognised for adapting staid risk and control processes such as key risk indicators to dynamically enhance reporting, and ultimately bolster their bottom line; others have been rewarded for learning from past op risk events and evolving their frameworks accordingly.

The awards recognise:

  • Thought leadership within operational risk management, including appropriate responses to loss events;

  • Improvements in frameworks that have driven tangible benefits for customers, the business, and other stakeholders;

  • The value original research in the field offers for the wider industry;

  • The contribution individuals have made to the discipline, both within their institution and beyond.